Digital copywriting for businesses in the Hairdressing Industry

We’ll bet you’re pretty proud of your hairdressing business. If you could just make enough people aware of it, you’d have new clients bashing down the door

You probably know exactly what you want to tell them too, but find it doesn’t sound quite right when you start tapping away at the keyboard.

You’re not alone, but you’ve come to the right place. Our digital copywriter will…

  • Create the right tone of voice to attract and connect with your dream clients
  • Write exciting and engaging copy that hits all the right notes
  • Share your message so that it says what you want to say the way that you wish you could have said it yourself.

Better still, she knows the hairdressing industry pretty darn well, so there’s no need for you to waste hours spelling out the difference between a root stretch and a dip dye.

Why Do You Need A Specialist 'Digital' Copywriter?

You might think that good copy is good copy, whatever the medium (and there's an element of truth in that...) but copywriting for the web is a specialist skill because…

  • It needs to be succinct (who reads reams of copy on their PC let alone their phone?)
  • It needs to be easy to scan read
  • Most importantly, it needs to be easy for search engines to find.

What Will Your KOR Digital Copywriter Do?

Well, first we’ll chat! We’ll need to get a feel for you, your business and who your dream clients are – so that we can help you reach them.

Then our digital copywriter will come back to you with a couple of pages - to check we’re on the same page (pardon the pun, we couldn’t help ourselves!).

When you love it, we’ll write the rest of your copy and, before you know it you'll have new clients flooding your inbox and your phone will be ringing off the hook [or any other way you want them to contact you!].

Old School Copywriting

Want a helping hand to write some offline copy? KOR Digital can help you with that too.

Kate has oodles of experience writing for magazines (including advertorials), writing brochures, education books and even writing press releases.