For Salons

Digital Services for Salons

At KOR Digital we love a tailor-made approach and believe in working with salons to create bespoke services that meet their digital needs.

However, we get that you salon owners are busy people, who sometimes want to know exactly what you're getting without any to-ing and fro-ing so here’s an at-a-glance guide to our most popular services:

The Re-Style

Why? Out of date copy and images on your site give the impression your salon is outdated too. A re-style has the same effect as a new lick of paint on your salon interior.

What? Suitable for content-managed websites, we’ll rewrite up to 5 pages of content; replace out-of-date images and logos on those 5 pages; and improve professionalism by fixing typos, spelling and punctuation errors throughout the site.

How Much? £300 for the initial re-style and £200 for subsequent re-styles within a three-month period.

The Makeover

Why? If your website doesn't look as professional as your salon, or doesn't work properly on a mobile phone or tablet, it's holding you back.

What? A site redesign, including content creation, managing every aspect of the design and build.

How much? Price on request.

The Volumiser

Why? Your clients and potential clients are using social media, which makes it a brilliant tool to promote your salon and increase loyalty.

What? A review of your existing social activity, advice on the latest best practice and techniques, a detailed strategy and a month’s content plan and creation.

How much? £500

Style and Finish

Why? Exciting, engaging copy that evokes an emotional response will help you to peak your clients interest and have them wanting to know more. Are you confident that your copywriting has that effect?

What? Copywriting for the web; ghost-writing for you or your team-members; writing one-off press releases; writing marketing materials

How much? Price on request