The internet can be a pretty intimidating place. With so many platforms to choose from, endless objectives to achieve and conflicting advice on what you ‘simply must, or really should not do’, it can be so hard to sort the ‘so what?’ from the ‘what a difference!’.

Even if you know what you want to achieve and maybe even how that looks, you probably need a helping hand to make your vision a reality.

And if you’ve only got a vague notion of what your goal is, who’s going to tell you how to make it happen without frittering away a marketing budget (that you do not have) trying one online strategy after another one?

I’m Kate Woods and I set up KOR Digital to help owners of small business in the hair industry, just like you, to create the shiny, happy (and results-driven) online presence that you and your business deserves.

In 16 years working online for market-leading websites (skysports.com and HJi) and a health and fitness start-up (Fitbug), I’ve got to know what really works online and I’ve got the stats to prove it.

These days, I work with hair and beauty businesses and salons to give them the digital consultancy and strategic advice that they need; or for them to bring their digital strategy and online marketing to life.

From writing web copy that search engines can actually find to planning social media campaigns or developing an effective website, I’m here to take the stress out of digital for you.

If you’re ready to use the power of the Internet to boost your bottom line, let’s chat. You can email me at kate@kordigital.co.uk or I love a good old-fashioned chinwag: the number’s 07939 051222.

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