Authenticity; the 2019 buzzword

As social media continues to become saturated with content between battling brands, businesses need to work harder than ever to stand out from the crowd and connect with people online. The key? Authenticity. Now, while that’s not something I can necessarily teach you, I can do my best to explain it and why it’s so important.

There are many methods to help get your message seen like boosted posts, promoted content and audience targeting but, regardless of your paid results, the questions you need to be asking yourself are; is your message creating an impact? Are you creating connections with your audience like you hope? And, ultimately, are you building the right following for your brand?

You need to make sure what you’re putting out there is a real reflection of you. In order to be authentic (warning: I may use this word a lot here), your brand needs to demonstrate a degree of sincerity. You need to speak to your online audience in a consistent voice – and whose better than your own?

Being perfect is so 2018.

People are wising up to fake profiles and paid celebrity content (hence the rise of the micro-influencer) and all they really want is honest, trustworthy brands that they can relate and engage with. While most of us see things online through the life of an Instagram lens, we’re much more aware of it and we know a phony when we see one. These days, it seems the more transparent you are, the more people want to know about you.

Ditch the ‘spray and pray’ approach!

The best and most popular brands are the ones that really understand their target audience. If you respond to your customers on social media with the same copy and paste approach, you run the risk of looking like an automated machine. Instead, look to invest in the personality of your brand. Start genuine conversations and forge relationships built on mutual understanding and interest. Post content that you are genuinely passionate about, showcase skills demonstrated by your team members and engage in topics that mean something to your identity.

Treat your followers as friends.

They’ve pressed that golden button and made the commitment to ‘follow’ or ‘like’ your business. In return, give your followers the same support by showing an interest in them too. Offer them advice, support and provide useful content that they can relate to. Remember, you started your salon to help and benefit others, so use social media to showcase this.  Like all good friendships, you shouldn’t have to try too hard. There’s no real right or wrong in social media and given my above advice, no-one can judge you by just being you.

Avoid purchasing at all costs.

In my view, buying followers is just like buying your friends. You’ll waste your money on buying ‘people’ that have no interest in you or your business and people can spot this a mile off. It’s that old saying ‘quality over quantity’ that applies here, and I can guarantee you are much better off investing your time in building loyalty, rather than numbers to a genuine audience.

That goes for content too. You may be aware that we you can now get people to write LinkedIn posts for you and your business. I was aware of this happening but to be honest, very unsure of why.  It’s wholly obvious to your audience too and just comes across as disingenuous and dishonest. The point of LinkedIn is to reflect you and your brand, and while it’s all well and good being an ‘influencer’ but you need to reflect reality. Think back to your brand, remember your audience and keep within your business lines.


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