An Open letter to the High Street

Open for business sign

Dear Retailers, It’s time to step up! Right now, we’re being urged to shop local and most of us (71% if the stats are to be trusted) are ready and willing to do just that. It might cost a little bit more, but if it’s going to keep our local High Streets going, then that’s…

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Authenticity; the 2019 buzzword

As social media continues to become saturated with content between battling brands, businesses need to work harder than ever to stand out from the crowd and connect with people online. The key? Authenticity. Now, while that’s not something I can necessarily teach you, I can do my best to explain it and why it’s so…

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Why your salon website needs a team page

A question I’m often asked by clients or potential clients who request a website review is, ‘‘Should I include a team page?’’ and my answer is always, ‘Yes, absolutely!’ Here’s why… When you think about it, aside from technical skill, hairdressers build their businesses based on client relationships, so your website can offer the perfect platform…

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What’s the point of content marketing anyway?

If you’ve got a website and social media accounts, you’re probably producing a constant stream of content for them, but do you ever stop to think about what content you’re creating and why you’re doing it? I’ve come to the alarming realisation that for lots of brands – from established product companies right down to…

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Who says good guys come last?

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the British Hairdressing Business Awards by Jayne and the team at HJ and I was so moved to see one of hairdressing’s unsung heroes, Janet Maitland, scoop the evening’s big prize for Business Director of the Year. I met Janet several years ago, on a trip…

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8 Steps To Get Your Salon Ready For GDPR

GDPR for Salons

There are just 2 months left until GDPR Day (May 25th 2018), so are you ready? Yes? Well done you! If not, it’s time to drag your head out of the sand because I’m guessing the last thing you want to risk is a 4% of your annual turnover fine – just because you didn’t…

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The consultation tool your salon really should be using

HJi Image gallery for consultations

Quick question for you… What tools or programmes do you use for your consultations these days? In the old days it was all about the look book (and I must admit that my favourite ever consultations were when Christel Lundqvist used to come out with a furniture book and point at a sofa and say…

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Hip Hip Hoo-Rainbow for John Anthoney Hair InstaStory

Rainbow image

InstaStories are where it’s at right now and for the salons that get it right, these are a real opportunity to really build a relationship with your clients. But here’s the thing, so many salons’ InstaStories are BORING! ­­­­­Unless you’re a celebrity hairdresser with a huge following or a social media influencer, no one wants…

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Twit-Whoo! Brilliant use of social media by Stuart Holmes

Cheltehnam racecourse

Whenever I teach social media courses to salon owners, the bit where they get the most animated and have the most 🎆a-ha🎆 moments is the section when we look at examples of other salons’ social media posts and discuss what worked and what opportunities were missed. And when I saw this rather brilliantly composed Tweet…

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How to Add Hashtags to your Instagram Feed

Whether you’re heading to Pro Hair Live in Manchester or Professional Beauty and HJ Live in London this weekend or not, every savvy salon owner or hairdresser needs to be in the know about with what’s happening in the industry. The great news is that it’s easier than ever to stay up-to-date via social media…

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Why The Right Words Matter To Your Salon

I bet you’ve heard the story that all anyone cares about these days is video. If you film it, they will come…. At the very least you need beautiful images. After all, a picture tells a thousand words. Well let me let you in on a little secret…. All this rhetoric has been giving me…

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