GDPR for Salons

8 Steps To Get Your Salon Ready For GDPR

March 20, 2018

There are just 2 months left until GDPR Day (May 25th 2018), so are you ready? Yes? Well done you! If not, it’s time to drag your head out of the sand because I’m guessing the last thing you want to risk is a 4% of your annual turnover fine – just because you didn’t…

HJi Image gallery for consultations

The consultation tool your salon really should be using

March 13, 2018

Quick question for you… What tools or programmes do you use for your consultations these days? In the old days it was all about the look book (and I must admit that my favourite ever consultations were when Christel Lundqvist used to come out with a furniture book and point at a sofa and say…

Rainbow image

Hip Hip Hoo-Rainbow for John Anthoney Hair InstaStory

March 6, 2018

InstaStories are where it’s at right now and for the salons that get it right, these are a real opportunity to really build a relationship with your clients. But here’s the thing, so many salons’ InstaStories are BORING! ­­­­­Unless you’re a celebrity hairdresser with a huge following or a social media influencer, no one wants…

Cheltehnam racecourse

Twit-Whoo! Brilliant use of social media by Stuart Holmes

February 27, 2018

Whenever I teach social media courses to salon owners, the bit where they get the most animated and have the most 🎆a-ha🎆 moments is the section when we look at examples of other salons’ social media posts and discuss what worked and what opportunities were missed. And when I saw this rather brilliantly composed Tweet…

How to Add Hashtags to your Instagram Feed

February 23, 2018

Whether you’re heading to Pro Hair Live in Manchester or Professional Beauty and HJ Live in London this weekend or not, every savvy salon owner or hairdresser needs to be in the know about with what’s happening in the industry. The great news is that it’s easier than ever to stay up-to-date via social media…

Why The Right Words Matter To Your Salon

February 16, 2018

I bet you’ve heard the story that all anyone cares about these days is video. If you film it, they will come…. At the very least you need beautiful images. After all, a picture tells a thousand words. Well let me let you in on a little secret…. All this rhetoric has been giving me…

Fighting the Facebook algortithm changes

How Can Your Salon Fight the Facebook Algorithm Changes?

January 24, 2018

Remember those heady days when your salon could post something on Facebook and know that all your fans would know about your brilliant new stylist or the brand new product that they wouldn’t be able to live without? For a few years now you’ve probably noticed that less and less people are seeing your content…

Has Social Media really changed?

November 1, 2017

Social media seems to be evolving pretty darn fast at the moment (two-person live streams on FB Live and Instagram stories anyone?), but it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that what people want from their social media hasn’t really changed. Last week, I ran a digital workshop for a marketing team at one…

Interviewing Lee Stafford Legends Lounge

8 Things I learned from hairdressing’s legends

October 17, 2017

At this year’s Salon International I was lucky enough to be asked to host the Legends Lounge Stage for HJ. I was beyond excited (and a little bit terrified!) to interview Lee Stafford, Charles Worthington, Beverly C, Errol Douglas and Andrew Collinge. I needn’t have worried. They were all super nice, super professional and had…

Websites on laptop

7 mistakes salon owners still make with their websites

October 1, 2017

There’s no doubt that most salons have really upped their game when it comes to the web. Not only are they embracing social media, but most recognise that a website is an essential part of the marketing mix and a virtual shop window to the salon. However, there are some fundamental mistakes that are still…