How Can Your Salon Fight the Facebook Algorithm Changes?

Remember those heady days when your salon could post something on Facebook and know that all your fans would know about your brilliant new stylist or the brand new product that they wouldn’t be able to live without?

For a few years now you’ve probably noticed that less and less people are seeing your content and the bad news is that’s that only going in one direction: ⬇ .

Earlier this month, Facebook revealed that they have already started to make changes that mean ‘you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media.’

You can read the full statement from Mark Zuckerberg here.

So what can your salon do to deal with the Facebook shut out?


Just continue to use your Facebook page as a quasi-website posting the news, offers, images and videos that is important to your salon. It will be seen by people who visit the page and on the news feed of people who regularly interact with your salon.

HINT: Want to know how many people actually visit your Facebook Business page?

  • Go to your page
  • Click Insights
  • Click Export Data at the top right
  • Select Page Data and Click on Export Data at the bottom right.

Get Creative

Facebook’s new algorithm is looking for more comments and they want to see people using content as a starting point to interact with each other, so it’s time to create posts that stimulate conversation rather than seek likes.

HINT: Not sure what you can put out there that will get your fans talking to each other? Use a team meeting to brainstorm the moments in the salon that actually get clients interacting with each other. Then think about ways to post those topics online.

Go Live

Facebook have said that you’re going to see less videos on your News Feed, but they are still pushing Facebook Live and pushing it hard. So put your best self forward and get ready to talk to your clients about what’s happening in your salon, hair trends, what’s going on in your community or creating key looks for them to copy at home.

Become an Active Participant in Local Groups

If setting up your own group seems a time-consuming step too far, how about re-investing the time you have spent creating and posting content on your page becoming a member of local groups and communities. This isn’t about selling your salon, it’s about providing value to the community – but if anyone is asking for a salon or a hairdresser you’d be crazy not to point them in your direction.

Set yourself a Facebook ads budget

Don’t forget that Facebook is first and foremost a business and for all its ‘we want to strengthen the community’ intentions there’s no mention of turning away your ad spend. If you’re taking this approach – and you probably should. Be sure to think about the types of posts that you put money behind and track the results.

HINT: Not mastered Facebook ads yet? Book in to request a FREE call to talk about how you can get the right people to see your content. Email