Why The Right Words Matter To Your Salon

I bet you’ve heard the story that all anyone cares about these days is video. If you film it, they will come….

At the very least you need beautiful images. After all, a picture tells a thousand words.

Well let me let you in on a little secret…. All this rhetoric has been giving me a bit of a crisis of confidence.

My biggest talent (aside from bringing up to two lovely little people – pictured above to give you the gratuitous cuteness, because it’s all about the image these days, right???) is putting your thoughts into words. Nice, succinct, flowing, rhythmic words.

Words that say what you wanted to say, the way YOU WISH YOU COULD HAVE SAID IT.

But in this busy world, where there’s so much stuff competing for your attention, do words even matter anymore? After all, what catches your attention on Facebook; brilliantly written prose? Didn’t think so.

Between voice-activated services and replacing words with emoticons, the phone seems to be making the written word redundant. So what next for darn good copywriters like me?

Well I’ve dusted myself down, given myself a bit of a pep talk and realised that OF COURSE WORDS MATTER, YOU CRAZY PERSON!

What is it that gives context to the photo? The caption.

What makes you decide whether you’re going to spend your precious time watching that video? The intro.

What makes someone decide to take advantage of that special offer? The call to action.

Oh and let’s not forget the numerous (yep, numerous) studies that have found people are less likely to trust and buy from a website that has spelling and punctuation errors.

If your salon is high end – or targeting a highly professional audience – the need for professionalism is even greater. The odd error here and there may not stop your regulars visiting, but it could be that little detail that makes the newcomer to the area, who’s browsing the web for her type of a salon; or your rival’s disgruntled client who’s looking for a change, decide that your competitor has the professional edge.

And then there is the question of time.

It might seem like you’re saving yourself cold hard cash by writing your website, your blog posts, your marketing campaigns and even your newsletters for yourself, but here’s the thing… all that time you spend staring at that blank page on the screen… or writing a few words then hitting the delete key and starting again… or coming up with something that’s fine (well maybe a little bit meh, but it will do…) is time you could be using more productively.

How many clients could you see in that copywriting time? How much training could you give your juniors? How many suppliers could you call to seek out a better deals? You get the idea….

I previously wrote a post about social media management and how it’s best done in-houseif you can do it well. With copywriting the principle is the same: if it comes naturally for you to sell your salon in a way that doesn’t sound like a sales pitch then you should totally DO IT!

But time is money for a salon owner and if it’s going to leave you plugging away for an end result that is just good enough, then there’s always a place to call in a highly-skilled helping hand.

Fortunately for you, it’s not going to break the bank and it will generate more income than your DIY efforts. So your big question is how are you going to spend all that time you’re going to save?

KOR Digital offers rates that start at just £50 for a blog post or press release and £250 for all your website copy and we promise we’ll never give you OK and we won’t stop until you LOVE YOUR COPY! Want to find out more? Drop us an email on kate@kordigital.co.uk or go old school and give us a call – the number is 07939 051222.