Hip Hip Hoo-Rainbow for John Anthoney Hair InstaStory

InstaStories are where it’s at right now and for the salons that get it right, these are a real opportunity to really build a relationship with your clients.

But here’s the thing, so many salons’ InstaStories are BORING!

­­­­­Unless you’re a celebrity hairdresser with a huge following or a social media influencer, no one wants to see your day-to-day mundane again and again….

So you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. To give people a reason to click on that pink circle every time they see it round your profile pic.

That means getting creative with your captions, your hashtags, your emoticons, your videos and posting the highlights of your day; or thinking about what stories you want to tell and then build on them throughout that day.

To that end, I take my hat off to @johnanthoneyhair for this brilliant behind the scenes insight.

Why I love it?

  • Firstly the singing. Obviously.
  • The fact it’s a genuine story with a beginning, a middle and an end.
  • The clever location tagging on the first screen – so anyone who has stumbled upon the story by chance can find the salon.
  • The mix of media – live videos and images.
  • The end caption and the emoticon.
  • The end result of the paint work. Obviously.

Could it be improved?


Disclaimer: Just to make it clear I HAVE NOT worked with John Anthoney Hair on this post or any other element of their business, but I just want to congratulate him for making me smile. If I ever get make it up to Blackpool, I’ll be sure to pop in and check out that salon wall.

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