8 Things I learned from hairdressing’s legends

At this year’s Salon International I was lucky enough to be asked to host the Legends Lounge Stage for HJ.

I was beyond excited (and a little bit terrified!) to interview Lee Stafford, Charles Worthington, Beverly C, Errol Douglas and Andrew Collinge. I needn’t have worried. They were all super nice, super professional and had super stories to tell.

Despite their different backgrounds, educations, awards and successes, what really leapt out at me was that there were certain themes that they all had in common.

  1. They all work really hard. Really hard.
    I’m pretty sure that none of them have ever left the salon (or the studio, or the office) on the stroke of 5pm.
  2. And really love what they do.
    Seriously, none of them think of it as work
  3. But if they don’t love it, they find someone else to do those bits.
    Accountancy, digital, HR I’m talking about you….
  4. They never stop pushing themselves.
    Won an award? Check. What’s next….
  5. They all believe that you’ve got to grab your opportunities.
    With both hands
  6. And that hairdressing competitions open doors.
    If you let them (see point 5)
  7. They’re all obsessed with giving something back.
    Be it training, mentoring or giving up their time to share their wisdom they’re first in line.
  8. And they’re Kings (and Queens) of reinventing things to stay up to date
    If the education system seems broken, they find a way to fix it; if they want to get more from their collections,  they get creative.

Whether you’re a hairdresser, someone in the hairdressing industry or just someone who craves success, these are definitely take-aways that everyone can follow.

Want to know more? The whole show reports are over on HJi, if you fancy a read.