What to look for if you’re recruiting a social media manager

For someone who offers social media support as one of their services, this post may come across as slightly nuts, but my personal opinion is that the best way to do social media is in-house.

You, or someone at the centre of the action in your salon, is generally going to be in the best position to share the highlights from your salon and successfully convey your message.

That said, if you don’t have someone who is going to think creatively, 
write in good English and convey your salon in a positive light, then it’s always better to have someone external do it well than someone internal do it badly.

I’m also a believer that there is value in calling in help for the short term to get your social media to a place you want it to be and then working with the consultant to bring it in-house when you feel ready.

If you are looking for social media support these are some things to consider:

Do: make sure that they get you, your salon and your objectives and you like the way they write.

Don’t: just accept a specific number of posts/tweets in an agreed period. You should be looking for someone to interact, comment, and react to relevant posts. If you want to set targets, I suggest that these would be more effective criteria.

Don’t: be sucked in by talk of volume of followers/fans. In most cases (there are a few exceptions) quality of followers is far more important than quantity. If anyone guarantees you a specific amount then I’d be a little wary about where they come from (like for like? buying fans?) or their value.

Do: discuss multiple platforms with them – although you don’t have to use them all. They should be thinking about what your objectives are first and what platforms they can use to help you achieve them second.

Do: monitor your social media content frequently and arrange regular catch-ups with your social media manager to review the progress of your social media campaigns.

Do: put a plan in place to transition it back in-house as and when you are in a position where you can do it justice.