7 ways to deal with negative online reviews

Uh oh! Has someone had a bad word to say about your products or salon? Not to worry. Just pour yourself a nice stiff drink and ignore it.

Meanwhile, they’ll be getting more cross and anyone who cares to look can see the review and the fact that you haven’t dealt with it. Before you know it you could be losing the odd customer or missing out on potential new ones.

Probably not the best strategy then. Here’s what you should really do if someone leaves you a negative review.

  1. Don’t take it personally! If a review has made you cross then take a time out before responding to it and ask someone else to read your response first.
  2. Don’t waste time trying to get the review site to take it down (they won’t – unless you can prove it is either a fake or is factually inaccurate).
  3. Respond in a professional manner and that means thanking the reviewer for taking the time to comment and apologising that they are unhappy with the service.
  4. Tell them you would welcome the opportunity to make the situation right by inviting them back into the salon.
  5. Then try to take the conversation offline. Ask them to contact you by another means (if you are on Twitter that means asking them to follow you so you can Direct Message them, on Facebook you can message them or alternatively, send them a your mobile number so they can contact you directly).
  6. Whatever you do, don’t ignore negative reviews. Aside from looking bad from a customer services perspective, search engines are increasingly putting weight on reviews, and well-handled negative reviews are looked on more favourably than those that have not been dealt with.
  7. Make the most of the opportunity. It is easier to turn a hater into a fan of your brand than someone who is impassive. Just think how powerful it will be when this person comes back online and praises your good service.