How to nail your social media grammar

In my experience, hairdressers and hair salons are pretty darn good at social media. They’re brilliantly creative and great at putting fantastic imagery out there. However, the one thing that can let them down is the incorrect use of your and you’re, their, they’re and there.

You might think I’m being pedantic and it doesn’t matter, and perhaps you are right, but I’d argue that it all comes down to professionalism and the way that clients perceive you and your salon.

If you’re worried that you might be getting it wrong and want to make sure that your excellent social media is actually exemplary social media, here’s a quick guide to help you correct the most common errors:

  • Your– It belongs to you e.g. ‘the client sits at your backwash‘ or you might ask a client ‘do you like your fringe?‘.
  • You’re– The shortened form of you are. e.g ‘you’re a fantastic and professional hairdresser‘ or you might tell a client ‘you’re going to love your new fringe‘.
  • Their– It belongs to them. ‘the clients were all really pleased with their hair.’
  • They’re– The shortened form of they are. ‘they’re brilliant at cutting perfect bobs.’
  • There– Somewhere else, not right here. e.g. ‘my assistant will take you to the backwash over there‘. Alternatively it could be an event that is happening e.g. ‘there she goes again’.
  • There’s– There is e.g ‘there’s no stopping them now‘.
  • Where– A location e.g. ‘where are my straightening irons?’
  • Wear– To put on an item of clothing e.g. ‘what are you going to wear?‘ or you might think someone looks good with a specific style and say ‘she wears it well’.
  • We’re– The shortened form of we are e.g. ‘we’re going to have a fantastic year and win lots of awards!’