Has Social Media really changed?

Social media seems to be evolving pretty darn fast at the moment (two-person live streams on FB Live and Instagram stories anyone?), but it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that what people want from their social media hasn’t really changed.

Last week, I ran a digital workshop for a marketing team at one of the big Colour Houses and I was putting together a slide about the last decade of social media.

It covered the standard shift from words to pictures to video to live video; and from free to pay-to-play;  but it just got me thinking that, while the platforms have evolved, the basic reasons social media became such a big part of our lives hasn’t really altered.

It all comes down to these basic elements:

We use it to for:


We’re seeking:


And the addiction is all powered by:


So what does this mean to you when it comes to marketing your hair and beauty business?

Well, before you get too caught up in what stickers to use to on your Stories (you should absolutely do that if it suits your brand!) you might want to stop and think about whether it’s satisfying your hairdressing businesses marketing goals and more importantly your client or potential client’s needs.

After all, no one has time to do stuff for the sake of stuff in this super busy world.

So if you’re looking to attract – and convert – a following, follow these five steps and you’re onto a winner, no matter what platforms you use.

  1. Make your social media fun (better still funny, if you have that in your locker)
  2. Have a clear identity that people can recognise and your target audience can relate to
  3. Add value with inspiring pics or tips and advice
  4. Respond to people when they reach out to you (as quickly as you can)
  5. Create a feeling of inclusivity that makes your audience, clients or potential clients want to be part of your gang.

*Fear of missing out