We believe that social media is best done in house, by you or members of your team (if you're a salon owner please get your receptionist involved too!). However most businesses need a little help to get the best results.

Social Media Strategy and Kick Start

Are you a salon that knows you should be ‘doing’ social media, but is still struggling to get it off the ground?

Perhaps your hairdressing business is already posting a whole heap of content, but you're not really sure what results you’re getting out of it?

Maybe you were doing brilliantly a couple of years ago, but everything is moving so quickly and you feel like you're being left behind?

The KOR Digital Social Media Strategy is for YOU.

We’ll review you and your competitors' current social media. Then we’ll develop a strategy that helps you to ACQUIRE new clients and ENGAGE with existing clients.

You’ll get:

  • a plan 
  • your first month of posts.

Social Media Ads Services

We’ll bet that less than 10% of your Fans are seeing your Facebook posts. We’ll also guarantee that more than 90% of your Fans already have a relationship with your business anyway.

So how are you going to make sure that more eyeballs see your content? By buying them, of course (and it's probably cheaper than you think).

After discussing your needs, we’ll create the audiences you need including:

  • Your target clients by age, location, gender or interests
  • Your website visitors
  • Your mailing list
  • People that are similar to your existing clients

We can also work with you to show you what types of posts to promote to which audience groups.

Social Media Training

Want to set up some ad groups, learn how to create content that converts or just make sure all your team have a shared vision when it comes to social media?

KOR Digital offers bespoke training for you or your team members.

All social media training is created exclusively for your marketing team, salon team or salon group to meet your needs. 

While most salons prefer face-to-face training, if you're short on time it can be arranged via skype.