The consultation tool your salon really should be using

Quick question for you… What tools or programmes do you use for your consultations these days?

In the old days it was all about the look book (and I must admit that my favourite ever consultations were when Christel Lundqvist used to come out with a furniture book and point at a sofa and say ‘I’m thinking that this would really work for you’).

More recently, I was having my hair cut and the stylist used Google images on his ipad. It was ok. Some of the short hair wasn’t actually short; the pictures weren’t all the best quality and I couldn’t switch off from the fact they were all so different that it didn’t really give us any clarity.

So what are the alternatives?

I genuinely believe that every salon team should be using Pinterest to set the vision for their salon and as a handy tool for consultations.

To do Pinterest well, it’s a bit of an investment of time, but keeping your boads ticking over is way less demanding than other social media platforms and they’re a good resource to showcase your team’s tastes and talent – perfect to help clients choose the right stylist for them.

But there’s an even better answer: The new HJi Image Gallery, which has been rebuilt to make it the ultimate consultation tool for salons.

I was asked by HJ to work with their developers to bring a new gallery to life and the end result is just what your salon clients need.

If you haven’t played with it yet, check it out here.

Yes, there are a gazillion images in it, but what makes it cool is how easy it is to refine the results page so you can only see the images that are relevant to your client.

You can drill down by all the things you’d expect  – length, colour, style etc  – but if you hit the Advanced Search button there’s some more unexpected criteria too including the texture,  the parting and the style of photograph (I recommend using the commercial filter with your clients).

It’s FREE, looks just as good on the mobile, or tablet as the salon computer of the reception desk and the only the only work you have to do is to select the right tick boxes that match what your client has in mind then help her choose a look that brings out her very best qualities.

Give it a go and impress your clients with your super professional consultations.

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