Why your salon website needs a team page

A question I’m often asked by clients or potential clients who request a website review is, ‘‘Should I include a team page?’’ and my answer is always, ‘Yes, absolutely!’

Here’s why…

When you think about it, aside from technical skill, hairdressers build their businesses based on client relationships, so your website can offer the perfect platform to ‘introduce’ your team members to potential clients and kick-start the rapport.

As we know, people book a hairdressing appointment for much more than just a cut; it’s about the experience, the escape and that bond between a client and their hairdresser.

It is this that often secures a repeat booking, rather than a standout cut or colour, so it’s so important to get this right. Hairdressing warrants a lot of trust from individuals and the therapeutic role of a stylist is one that supports individuals’ self-esteem and confidence, so reassure them from the get-go and ensure they are booking the right team member to meet their needs. Hello, team page!

That aside, you invest a lot in to your team in terms of training, qualifications and personal development, so why not show them off?

As an industry based on service and experience, many people will buy into your ‘product’ based on your ‘people’, so offering new clients the opportunity to ‘meet’ your team before entering the salon may be just the reason they choose to book with you over one of your competitors.

Ok, so now hopefully you’re coming around to my idea of thinking, here’s three things that you should be including on every team page:

1)      A professional photo; what do they look like?

Create an immediate familiarity between the client and team member by providing a professional photo alongside their name and job title.  We’re not talking Snapchat puppy selfies or those beyond-filtered photos, just simple, professional images of the team that reflect the professionalism of your salon.

2)      Skills and specialisms; what makes them stand out?

It may be that this client is looking for something quite particular; a dramatic colour change, someone who knows just how to handle curls or a hairdresser that has experience with clients that have experienced hair loss for medical reasons, perhaps. Whatever the need, by highlighting your team members specialisms on your team page, your client can select their ideal stylist before they even pick up the phone or hit the book now button.

3)      What their clients say about them; who’s saying what?

Word of mouth is still the strongest marketing tool out there (I feel another blog post coming on?!) so client testimonials work a treat on your team page. Include a great review or some kind words on each team member to back up just how fantastic they are. Just make sure it reflects what makes them special (see point 2 above) and keep it brief.

On that note! I’ll end my post there but hopefully that explains the importance of including a team page on your salon website. If you’re looking to make this addition to your website or simply want more advice, drop us an email on kate@kordigital.co.uk or go old school and give us a call – the number is 07939 051222