Twit-Whoo! Brilliant use of social media by Stuart Holmes

Whenever I teach social media courses to salon owners, the bit where they get the most animated and have the most 🎆a-ha🎆 moments is the section when we look at examples of other salons’ social media posts and discuss what worked and what opportunities were missed.

And when I saw this rather brilliantly composed Tweet by @Stuart_Holmes I wanted to share it and shout about why it works so well.

So here it is… the first post in a brave new series where I’m going to be cherry-picking the best examples of salons’ social media usage and revealing why it gets my thumbs up.

Why I love it?

  • It’s a very simple offer that everyone can understand and targets current clients and potential new clients.
  • It’s timely and appropriate. They’re using Cheltenham Races in March as their hook (many salons would have used Mother’s Day, which would have added a layer of complexity – is it the right product for the right person? do you actually target mum, dad or kids?)
  • Great use of a local and relevant hashtag #cheltenhamraces – This is a hashtag that people WILL actually use over the coming weeks, rather than a hashtag that the salon would like people to use.
  • There’s a clear call to action – PHONE US NOW!

Could it be improved?

If I was being hyper critical I’d say that many of their other posts have stronger imagery.

Also, when you post an image on your desktop you need to remember that the mobile feed crops the images to 440px x 220px so you must get the most important, most eye catching bits in that middle window.

Just to make it clear I HAVE NOT worked with Stuart Holmes on this post or any other element of their business, but I just want to salute you and say ‘great job guys, well done!’



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