You’re a salon owner, and you’re busy. Now that’s something we can definitely relate to!

You’ve got your website, it does the job and it ticks along nicely. Most of the time. Then something happens. You want to update that image or change that price, or add that new piece of content.

And you know you should be able to do it for yourself (you definitely filed away that manual or the video link somewhere, if you could only remember where)  but you have a whole heap of equally important things on your to-do list.

That’s where our web management service comes in. For a small monthly fee we’ll make all the small updates that you need to your site and we’ll even throw in one free piece of content.

What is the KOR Digital Web Management Service

If you have a content-managed website (that means one where you don’t need to go back to the developer every time you need a change), then our web management service is a simple way to make sure that we get all the headaches not you!

We manage sites in: