Who says good guys come last?

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the British Hairdressing Business Awards by Jayne and the team at HJ and I was so moved to see one of hairdressing’s unsung heroes, Janet Maitland, scoop the evening’s big prize for Business Director of the Year.

I met Janet several years ago, on a trip to Rome with TIGI – and the thing I quickly learned about her is that she really cares about her people.

When I started KOR Digital she was one of my very first clients and to this day she remains the only person who investigated – and found – a grant to pay for the work. Pretty shrewd, hey!

She was (and still is) a joy to work for.

Janet has been lauded for her amazing work on Shaping Futures and she deserves all of the credit she gets for it, but she’s also an inspiring leader of her team and has built a really solid business in the north east.

There’s a bit of a feeling in the current climate that the bad guys come out on top and it’s all about who shouts (or Tweets!) the loudest.

So it gave a warm fuzzy feeling to see someone who is keeping it simple and focusing on nurturing a culture of niceness come out on top! Bravo Janet!